Stupid css tricks: line breaks in lists

Periodically I encounter some problem with html and css layouts that could be solved by adding a few extra presentational tags to the html source (like <br/> or text bullets in the case I’m about to describe), but there’s no easy way to do it in CSS.  I almost always end up caving and doing […]

Reminders, part 4 – deleting accounts

The last piece of account management for the reminders project that I haven’t mentioned yet is account deletion.  One of the goals I try to keep in mind is that every action should be reversible.  So if you create an account, you should be able to delete it.  But the converse should also be true–if […]

Reminders, part 3 – registration and login flow

One of the goals of the reminders project is to simplify everything as much as possible.  That includes the login and registration processes and the auxiliary features that go with them like forgotten password resets, other password changes, and email changes as well as the actual reminder creation and completion.  Sometimes it seems like the […]

Reminders, part 2 – wireframes

The heart and soul of the reminder application is going to be creating reminders and viewing a list of current reminders. There will also have to be some auxiliary features like viewing all (not just current) reminders, editing reminders, and deleting reminders. This will all also be hosted on a server, and that means accounts–signing […]

Reminders for infrequent tasks

I’ve had this idea floating around for a while that it would be nice to have something to remind me to do things that I do infrequently–things like change the oil in my car, change the air filters, go to the doctor for check-ups, etc. These are the sorts of tasks that need to be […]

Complex uses of css3 box-shadow

Sort of as a follow-up to the previous post on html5 and css3, I’ve been applying css3 to various situations to see how it does.  I’ve run across a couple examples where box-shadow in particular doesn’t quite manage what I need it to do, this post will present the workarounds I found. I’ll be referring […]

HTML5, CSS3, and the Great CSS-Off

A while back I entered the Great CSS-Off over at CSS-Tricks.  You can find my file here.  I used the contest as an excuse to play with html5, css3, and using only semantically meaningful markup.  It was an interesting experience, and I’d like to share some of the things I discovered. HTML5 I found myself […]

The curious difficulty of backup with Sky Drive

I’ve been exploring backing files up to various cloud services lately.  I’m tired of disks, and I’m tired of having to think about it (because who really backs stuff up as frequently as they should?), so I want something that I can set up once and from then on it backs up automatically without my […]

Javascript date formatting library

This isn’t directly related to usability, but I just finished a date formatting function that I’ve been working on for a while.  It’s based on PHP’s date() function.  I frequently work with both javascript and PHP together, and I often find myself wanting PHP’s date function in javascript, too, which doesn’t have much in the […]